Our Team Expertly Repairs Yaskawa Inverter Juspeed-F Series

Precision Zone specializes in Yaskawa product repairs servicing a wide range of AC inverters such as Yaskawa Juspeed-F Series inverter.

The Juspeed drive is general-purpose inverter that runs general-purpose motors. These Juspeed drives are an obsolete product that is no longer supported by the manufacture. This product was sold under various brands including MagneTek and Saftronics. The Juspeed inverter was primary used in CNC applications performing tool changes in torrents and magazines.

When assessing the functionality of a drive, our engineering team typically conducts a four-step check:

  • Visual Overview Check
  • Static Test
  • Checks Under Power
  • Alarm Codes Verification

This overview is Precision Zone’s basic troubleshooting process. Once our repair team starts on the job we use specialized, customized test fixtures, Huntron tracker, signal generator, oscilloscope, milli and mega ohm meters and other necessary tools to assure quality repair. Most importantly, every repair is fully tested in custom-built simulators under load to replicate real-life working environment. Precision Zone goes as far as using heat chamber and overnight dynamic testing to guarantee performance of the repaired product when it comes back to the customer.


Visual Overview Check

When conducting a visual check, the technician inspects the drive for any mechanical damage to the drive and print circuit boards. Then the team proceeds to verify connections are tight and correct inside the drive and there are no loose screws, wires or particles. Additionally, we look for any burn marks anywhere on the components or chassis. During the visual inspection technical team notes excessive dirt on cooling components and records clogged heatsink.

Static Test Basic

Precision Zone repair technicians use digital multimeter with diode testing capabilities and resistance measurement to conduct a static test. In the instance of Diode testing, our team is looking to check input and output modules.

Using your digital multimeter check the DC buss and make sure the DC buss has been discharged.

Input Modules Testing

Multimeter Positive Lead Negative Side of the DC Bus
Multimeter Negative Lead L1 L2 L3
Diode Check Approximately 0.2-1.0 V for each phase
Multimeter Positive Lead L1 L2 L3
Multimeter Negative Lead Positive Side of the DC Buss
Diode Check Approximately 0.2-1.0 V for each phase

Output Modules Testing

Multimeter Positive Lead U V W
Multimeter Negative Lead Positive Side of the DC Buss
Diode Check Approximately 0.2-1.0 V for each phase
Multimeter Positive Lead Negative Side of the DC Buss
Multimeter Negative Lead U V W
Diode Check Approximately 0.2-1.0 V for each phase

We verify capacitor value using capacitor meter and examine functionality of circuit breakers and contactors in the drive.

Alarm Codes Troubleshooting

If the Juspeed inverter malfunctions a fault lamp will blink and a fault buzzer will sound. They will operate continuously or they will blink. You must check both positions of the switch run and at stop get all the information you need. The fault codes are:

Overcurrent Intermittent Intermittent
Overload Intermittent Continuous
Overvoltage Continuous Intermittent
Undervoltage Continuous Continuous
Ground Fault Intermittent No Operation

The majority of these alarms can be triggered if there is a fault in the control circuit.

Recently Repaired Products

Yaskawa CIMR-37A image CIMR-37A is an
Inverter-General Purpose manufactured by Yaskawa
Discovered issues: Bad Capacitor(s), Bad Circuit Board Component(s), Bad Gate Section/Board, Bad Power Section/Board, Excessive Dirt/Debris, Leaky Capacitors (Open, Corroded Traces)
Drive Type: CIMR
Voltage Rating: 200/220V
Output Capacity: 3.7kW (HP)
Frequency Setting: Analog
Enclosures: None
Optional Units: None