Why would you want to retrofit?

Be it an old machine that has outstanding tolerance and repeatability or a side project being started in the garage, a Centroid control retrofit can be a cost-effective and user-friendly method of getting a potentially scrap machine back to life. Read More

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One of the problems that can affect BL AC Servo Motors is demagnetization. There are a couple of checks you can do in your shop to see if the magnetization is good or not. Read More

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In Okuma’s Motion Control System there two parts that run the system. They are the DC power supply unit and the MIV inverter unit.Read More

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There are three different types of motors used in the industry today. These three types are General Purpose, Servo, and Spindle motors. Each of these types of motors is similar but also unique at the same time and that is why you would need to send your motor to a specialized repair shop.Read More