This month we will be spotlighting SGMAH motors. The SGMAH motor is part of the Yaskawa AC Servo motor line that can be with or without gear. The one that we will be highlighting will be without gear. This specific model is part of their Sigma II product line that also encompasses AC Servo Drives. Read More

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This month's tech tip, we will be covering overvoltage (OV) which is a common alarm on many drives. The description for overvoltage is the DC bus voltage has exceeded the trip point. The trip point can be caused internally to the drive such as the input power, but it can also be caused externally for example through the drive's parameters. The trip point is set in the protection circuit of your drive and cannot be adjusted.Read More

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What distinguishes a servo drive from a VFD, or vice versa?

A servo drive, while similar to a VFD, controls a motor most commonly utilizing an internal permanent magnet (IPM) style of a rotor. This internal magnet design allows a smaller rotor to generate a large amount of magnetic flux, resulting in increased torque and lower inertia from smaller sized rotors.Read More

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Series Overview:

We will be highlighting CACR-SR_BE drives this month. The CACR-SR_BE is a AC servo pack capable of ranges anywhere from .2 KW all the way up to 6 KW. It takes a 200V input.  This drive features a compact design with easy to understand wiring and a all digital operator to adjust you parameters accordingly. Read More