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About MK Technology

Precision Zone has been selected by MK Technology Group as their authorized distributor in the USA.

MK Technology was founded in 1966 in Germany and quickly grew to become a prominent player in the framing solutions industry in Europe. Now with a US based representative office MK is expanding its foothold in the USA as well. We at Precision Zone are proud to be part of this expansion and are investing our resources and competent team to supporting our customers by providing detailed information about MK products, stocking and selling MK products, focusing primarily on the profile systems and related components."

Precision Zone stocks, sells and supports a wide range of MK Technology framing products.

There are a few factors that set us apart from competition:

  • Competent Sales And Technical Support.
  • Fast order processing and shipping from our Illinois, US-based warehouses.
  • Process oriented business, equally capable of supporting small and high volume customers.
  • Authentic, new-from-factory products.
  • Engineering & logistical support by MK Technology USA.

Please feel free to browse our web site or contact us directly with inquiries or questions.

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   MK Profiles Catalog

Profile Systems

MK Technology Group has developed a comprehensive range of profile systems and related components that are widely used in many industrial applications such as guarding, materials handling, automation, manufacturing, robotics, linear motion to name a few. Boasting german engineering excellence and uncompromised quality, MK profiles are a perfect fit for any framing project you might be working on.

Advantages of the MK Profile Technology

  • Extensive product line with more than 250 profiles
  • Solid connection technology and an extensive line of accessories
  • Edge radius 1 mm, thus seamless interconnection of the profiles
  • Reusable thanks to screw connections
  • Versatile end processing on request
  • Anodized surface, no rework is required
  • The degree of assembly can be freely selected, from component part to assembly sets, to finished assembled modules.

Profile Series

Series 25

Typical applications:
lightweight frames, display cabinets, measuring and test equipment, electronics housings

Series 40

Typical applications:
machine frames, guarding, equipment construction, assembly workstations, guardrails, treads and platforms

Series 50

Typical applications:
heavy frames, racks, and bearing constructions

Series 60

Typical applications:
machine frames with high loads and for large portals

Application Profiles

Our application profiles include:

  • Profiles for belt bodies and belt conveyors
  • Profiles for timing belt conveyors, chain conveyors and flat top chain conveyors
  • Profiles for roller conveyors
  • Profiles for side rails
  • Linear motion profiles, e.g. clamp profiles for guide rods
  • Profiles for slide elements
  • Door case profiles for integrating wicket doors
  • Profiles for accommodating paneling, such as polycarbonate or acrylic paness
  • Profiles for platforms, landings, and steps with non-slip structure
  • Profiles for further processing, e.g. for angles, hinges or corner connectors
  • Connection profiles for producing foamed combination profiles

By combining series 40, 50 or 60 profiles with our connection profiles, a cavity is produced, which through filling with foam, connects the cross sections together so that they are inseparable. With this combination we produce individual cross sections up to 420 x 240 mm and spans of up to 12 m. In addition to the connection task the foam also has a vibration-absorbing characteristic. Foamed profiles are used for long, solid linear axes or for girders, columns and portals.

   MK Profiles Catalog

Assembly Components

MK's connection technology is versatile and gives you complete freedom in the design of your construction. Any angle desired can be realized. All assembly components use standard screws. You can choose from angle connections, console connections, tension connections, connecting plates, corner connections, truss joints or clamps. With this selection we always offer you the optimal connection technology depending on the requirements.

Angle Connections
  • Stable connection without end processing
  • Easy to dismount and reuse retrospectively
  • Locking connection for keyed angles
  • Tolerance compensation possible
  • Lateral bore channels for accommodating panels
Tension Connections
  • Visually inconspicuous connection possibility
  • System grooves of the profiles remain free
  • No interference contours
  • In some cases the position can be moved
  • Optimal for constructions with clean room profiles
Connecting Plates
  • Easy retroactive assembly
  • Mechanical processing is not required
  • Optimal for reinforcement of a connection
  • No interference contours in the interior of a construction
  • Locking element thanks to keyed plates
Corner Connections
  • High stability through solid aluminum material
  • Attractive design
  • System grooves of the profiles remain free
  • Edge and semi-circular profiles available
  • Optimal for constructions with clean room profiles
Truss Joints
  • High loads can be carried
  • Profiles do not need a miter cu
  • Bracing of frames is quickly and easily possible
  • Suitable for linear axis portals with large span widths
  • Low material costs
  • It is assembled quickly and easily retrospectively
  • Variable placement
  • Free selection of the angle

Accessory Components

Accessory components from MK fit perfectly into the mk modular system. Thus profile constructions can be custom configured to meet your requirements. The extensive assortment includes:

  • Floor mounting brackets
  • Ground plates, floor plates and base plates
  • Adjustable feet
  • Fixed and swivel casters
  • Loading aids
  • Operating elements, such as hand wheels, handles and levers
  • Elements for doors, such as locks, hinges, latches, and slide bolts
  • Sealing profiles and closure profiles
  • Panels for guarding
  • Fastenings for panels, such as captive holders
  • Flanged rollers, track rollers, guide rollers
  • Pneumatic elements
  • Electrical accessories such as proximity switch holders and cable ducts
  • End caps for sealing the face side of profiles
  • Wear strips
  • Joints
  • Glides and bushings
  • Tools, such as drills, thread cutters, drilling jigs, Allen wrenches, etc.
   MK Factory Equipment

Factory Equipment

Building on the base technology of the profile systems, MK developed an economical and comprehensive product line of modules, components and single parts for your individual tooling shop.

Advantages of the MK Factory Equipment:

  • Easy and fast set up of guarding, workstations and assembly platforms thanks to modular design
  • Optimum function and ergonomics with attractive design
  • Construction kit with detachable connections permits easy adaptation to changing process sequences
  • Complementary assortment of dimensionally accurate guardrails, treads and platforms for safe work on your equipment
  • mk QuickDesigner – the 3D product configurator for guarding facilitates planning
  • High availability and fast delivery of all modules and single parts