When it comes to CNC production and manufacturing, one of the most frustrating things that can occur involves the loss of parameters, programs, and macros. The time and effort that can occasionally go into retrieving these files once lost can be long, weary, and, in some cases, impossible.

Here at Precision Zone, we highly recommend backing up each machine a few times per year as a precautionary measure to avoid this long and at times heart-breaking road to parameter/program retrieval.
There are many different types of failures that can lead to these machines needing to be generated using backed up files. A few notable class="table" ones are power surges, environmental occurrences such as storms that can cause lightning strikes, general wear and tear of components over time, and even debris particles that can travel through the air. Out of these, electrical failure from power surges seems to be the most common.

Electrical failures cannot always be foreseen and they seem to occur at the worst possible times. At times, these failures have been known to corrupt the memory components within the CNC boards and even completely erase the data! This alone can be catastrophic if proper preventative maintenance is not taken and there are no saved backups for the machine.

Our team of skilled engineers and technical support specialist’s have a variety of different procedures for backing up, regenerating, and uploading backed up data from these machines. If there is any assistance required to properly backup the data, feel free to contact our technical support team and we would be happy to assist you. On top of the procedures for backing up these files, we also offer retrofit options for certain machines that convert the floppy disk drives into USB readers to ease the backup process further.