Troubleshooting a unit while installing into a machine can sometimes be tricky and slightly different opposed to checking it on a bench. Some helpful tips can be found in the video provided that can hopefully take some of the trouble out of the equation.

When drive units fault out, it is often recommended to not only check the components of the drive, but to also check out the motor and any surrounding modules that get connected to the drive. In some cases, the motor will have a winding select contactor bridging the cables from the drive to the inputs on the motor. There are a few checks to perform before diving in with a meter and starting to take readings, and those can be found below:

For the full video tutorial, check out the video below or click {here} 

  1. Verify power to the machine is OFF!
    1. Many of the checks performed require cables to be disconnected from certain locations and if there is power present, this can put the person performing the checks into a hazardous situation
  2. Always use a lock-out tag-out system when going to do extensive troubleshooting and there’s a chance that you will walk away while in the middle of it.
  3. If a winding select contact is used, the megger test can be performed directly at the leads being disconnected from the drive unit. If any odd readings show up, it would then need to be checked on each side of the contactor to verify which end is causing the problem.

For additional questions or concerns regarding how to check drive and motor units while installing it into the machine, feel free to contact us by phone or email.