Over time, bearing housings on a motor can wear down and cause extra friction with the bearings. As this gets worse, it allows extra play for the bearings where there normally should not be any free space.

Once this occurs, that extra play in the rotation of the bearing can lead to some major issues. One of the common issues that we see rise from this is extra current load, which can lead to insulation damage on the motor or even drive damage with the output sections.

The reworking of these bearing housings is one of the repair steps we are able to offer completely in-house! Using our Toyoda Stealth 1165 CNC machine, we can accurately rework these housings with up to 0.0002 accuracy thanks to the Renishaw probes we us for verification. Using a custom created fixture, which we use with this process, we are able to mount most fixtures with an outside diameter ranging upwards of 32”.

Bearing housings are checked with each motor repair and if housing rework is required to prevent future failures that will be relayed over to you, our customer, and prior to moving forward with the additional work.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding motors and these housings, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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