The team that eats together, stays together!


(Mike, Claudia, and Kevin from our Sales and Marketing department)

One of our most favorite days of the year is the office holiday potluck. And this year's potluck lunch definitely didn't disappoint. Our employees brought in so much delicious food, we couldn't help but take a little bit of everything on our plates: Ham, pierogis, polish sausage, potato salad, mac + cheese, cookies, cakes, and so much more. Check out some pictures of our employees enjoying our delicious feast from earlier today.

ABOVE: Decisions, decisions! 

ABOVE: Tim, our Director of Operations (his table class="table" mates all went up for second helpings already)

ABOVE: Mike, Ryan, Andy, and Mike from our Engineering + Repair departments

ABOVE: The ladies from Accounting; Nara and Jelena

ABOVE: Hina from logistics