In this industry, we understand that your business is relied on by your customers. If your machines and components break down, your productivity and output shrinks, or worse, stops completely. When that happens, you can no longer meet the needs of your customers. This is obviously not an ideal scenario and it has always been our goal to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

But, the question that still stands is, what can your company do to avoid these breakdowns? Recently we had the opportunity to work a company that is doing everything in its power to increase their cost effectiveness and avoid breakdowns within their manufacturing machines and processes.

Based out of Mexico, they are one of largest producers of suspension components for light commercial vehicles in the world and the only producer of vertically integrated brake discs in America. Because they are located in Mexico, sending their broken-down machine components to the United States to be repaired is not only very costly but is incredibly time-consuming. The longer their machines are down, the longer they are unable to meet the demands of their customers.

Investing in the regular maintenance of your machines is the number one way to avoid lengthy and costly breakdowns. In order for them to do just that, having the ability to diagnose bad or faulty equipment in-house on the spot as well as being able to test repaired equipment before installing them back into their machines is pivotal.

To maintain this initiative, they sought us out and gave us the opportunity to design and build a custom test simulator for the Fanuc drives that they have in their manufacturing facility. Investing in this Fanuc testing stand will allow them to test and perform maintenance on their equipment on a more regular basis. Which, in turn, will allow them to keep their manufacturing and processes up and running without a hitch.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with the equipment and solutions they need to keep their business up and running successfully. So, we were thrilled to also be able to equip them with a week-long training and education certification course on their brand new custom test stand. Two of their employees, Orlando and Vicente, traveled from Mexico to our repair facility in Chicago to dive into the proper use of their new simulator. With this training and education, they are now able to bring this knowledge back to the rest of their maintenance department in order to better repair and test failed equipment efficiently.


And of course, we treated them to all of our favorite Chicagoland staples: Deep dish pizza, Portillo’s Italian beef, shopping at our local mall in Schaumburg, as well as a night downtown Chicago touring our favorite spots such as The Bean at Millennium Park, the Museum Campus, and the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.

As we said above, performing regular maintenance on the drives, motors, and other components that power your business is the number one way to avoid unnecessary, costly, and timely breakdowns.

Here at Precision Zone, we always recommend having a backup unit so that when a breakdown does happen, you can keep your business running without skipping a beat. Along with having backup components in your inventory, sending in your equipment for service for standard reconditioning on a regular basis is highly recommended. Breakdowns are far less likely to happen when components are sent in for service and remain in prime condition.

At the end of the day, if all else fails, give us a call at Precision Zone for further troubleshooting and repair options. We can help provide assistance remotely as well as determine whether your issues need repairing or can be resolved on-site!