Series Overview:

We will be highlighting CACR-SR_BE drives this month. The CACR-SR_BE is a AC servo pack capable of ranges anywhere from .2 KW all the way up to 6 KW. It takes a 200V input.  This drive features a compact design with easy to understand wiring and a all digital operator to adjust you parameters accordingly. Read More

SF-PW Procedure

This is to determine the cause of why the FR-SF drive is not powering up and showing no LED display. Read More


Motor Reworking – Telltale Signs

Spindle motors and servo motors are generally more robust than their drive counter-part, which can be great news but could also lead to some pretty bad news. Due to the robustness of motors in comparison to the servo or spindle drive controlling them, a problem with the motor will generally cause damage to the drive as well when something catastrophic occurs. Luckily, with proper care and attention, this can be avoided in most cases if the correct signs are being looked for. Read More

Absolute vs Incremental Encoders

In the world of feedback, AC motors will typically utilize one of an optical absolute encoder, an optical incremental encoder or a resolver. This article will focus on the primary differences between the absolute and incremental encoders. Read More

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