Sanyo Denki - Drives-AC Servo QS1A01AG04406VA1


Manufacturer: Sanyo Denki

Product number: QS1A01AG04406VA1

Description: QS1A01AG04406VA1 is an Drives-AC Servo manufactured by Sanyo Denki

Series: Q-series servo amplifier

Input Power and Internal Regeneration Setting: 200V, With Internal Regeneration Resistor: 50A,100A,150A, Without Internal Registration Resistor: 15A,30A,300A

Amp. capacity: 15A

Motor Type: Rotary Motor

Control Section Hardware Type: Linear Motor Support

Motor Combination: Q Motor Standard Comb.

Applicable Motor Code: Q2AA05010D

Sensor Combination Description: Absolute sensor (ABS-RII) 13-bit/single rotation, 13-bit/multiple rotation

Interface Specification: Internal Speed Control

Specification: Single phase specification (AC 200V) - however, only products with amplifier capacity of 15A – 50A

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