Part 1: CRT to LCD Retrofits

If you have a CNC Machine in your shop and the CRT monitor is starting to show its age, you’re not alone. Many of our clients have run into the same issue and they ask us whether replacement or repair are the only available options.

The short answer to that is NO. In some instances, neither replacement nor repair are a good option for your shop. At best it’s time consuming to find a CRT replacement part, and in most instances it is just cost prohibitive to have it repaired.  So you have other alternatives... And let’s face it, the year is 2017, it’s time to upgrade your equipment to reflect the current technology. 

In the case of CRT monitor failure, we recommend an LCD retrofit.

The advantages of retrofitting or upgrading a CRT monitor with an LCD retrofit are:

  • Better screen visibility
  • Extending the life of the CNC machine
  • Using less electricity

Part 2: Floppy Disk to USB Drive Retrofits

Another outdated technology we encounter is a floppy disk.  What is now a slow and obsolete tool, the floppy disk is still in use with some of our clients and causing problems.  Our recommendation is a new custom-built USB flash drive solution.

Updating to a USB drive is a seamless process. No changes or system configurations are needed. It’s as easy as plug-and-play and will work on CNC machines and other devices that still use the floppy drive.

We understand the cost of downtime and we understand good machines that just need a fresh lease on life. That’s why we offer retrofit solutions for CRT monitors and floppy disk drives.  It’s a great answer to keep your shop operational and control your expenses. If you’re looking to upgrade your technology, reach out to our expert technicians for detailed specs and manufacturer compatible solutions.