There are a couple of checks that you will need to do after you get your HAAS Vector (Spindle) Drive repaired.

In most HAAS machines the spindle drive is connected to the Servo Amplifiers. These amplifiers usually do not have much prevention circuitry to they tend to be a problem after the spindle drive has been repaired. So, one of the first things to check after the Vector Drive has been repaired is the Servo Amplifiers. Some versions of these amplifiers come with an alarm light that indicates that there is something wrong and will only throw a general spindle alarm on the control usually an Alarm 123. To check them you need to first make sure there is no visible damage to the input terminals on the amplifier, then make sure they power on and power off with no alarms. If there are visible damage like burn marks do not power on your machine. Remove the amplifier and send in for repair. If one of the amplifiers is bad and you power on the system you risk damaging the spindle drive and the other amplifiers.

Another check to do once your spindle drive has been repaired is to look at your motor cabling and spindle motor. In some cases, the problems that the spindle drive have can be caused by motor cables or the spindle motor itself. For the motor cabling, it is always a good idea to do a visual inspection of the cables (both power and encoder) to check for burnt pins or cuts or twists in the cable. After this is done you can use a multimeter to ring out the cables to make sure there are no shorts in the wires inside the cables. After this, it is recommended to megaohm your motor power cable to check its insulation. It is the same as the megaohm test for motors, but you are doing it on your motor power cable. For your spindle motor, it is recommended that you megaohm your motor before reinstalling your vector drive. To do this you will take a megaohm meter and megaohm each lead to ground. For more information on this, you can refer to the video links below from our YouTube page.

Megaohm Test for AC Spindle:


Megaohm Meter Overview:

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