We will be highlighting Sigma- V series drive from Yaskawa this month. The SGDV-Sigma-V is an AC servo pack capable of ranges anywhere from 30 W all the way up to 55 kW. It takes power input anywhere from 100-480 VAC. This series features upgraded tuning procedures to better adjust to the new system and improved data communication.

Also, Yaskawa free software SigmaWin+ enables you to streamline the setup process while added functionality lets you customize your drive to your specific application. All Sigma-II models are compatible to retrofit with Sigma-V models which make keeping machines up and running a lot simpler. The main difference between the two drives is how they interpret their parameters. Therefore, when going from one to the other drive, parameters need to be converted via SigmaWin+ procedure. All documentation and details for the retrofit can be found by contacting PZ support. Improvements from Sigma-II to Sigma-V include smaller form factor which means better space management and improved load regulations.

Common Problem:

The most common problem with the Sigma-V series is a dead drive with no display. When a surge of power from the input goes through the drive, the power supply for the drive has built-in protection circuit. This surge can occur from improper wiring or just the grid overcompensating for its load. Either way, the surge of power causes the fuse-resistor to blow which essentially creates an open power supply. Hence, the control board never gets power and the second power-up never occurs for the drive. The seven-segment digital display cannot power on since the drive might be receiving main power, but the protection circuit is preventing the control board from engaging. Therefore, you get a dead drive. The only remedy for this sort of problem is to send the drive into PZ so a proper evaluation can be performed to determine failed components.