The advent of the floppy disk was incredible. To be able to transfer data between computers and machines on a small square disk allowed for files to be shared without internet access. Fast forward to 2018 and there are very few places where you can find floppy disks. Even computers have eliminated the floppy drives, instead opting to go with the more efficient and spacious USB removable memory options.

 As technology has moved on, it is very likely that your reliable CNC machine still requires these floppy’s to load settings and programs to.

This is where Precision Zone has stepped in – to offer a retrofit kit to upgrade your floppy disk drive to a USB drive! For HAAS machines, Precision Zone’s floppy to USB retrofit kit is designed to be a plug and play solution, not only updating the technology on your machine, but allowing for 100 times the storage capacity. Eliminating the need for a stack of floppy disks, the USB retrofit will allow for the equivalent of 100 floppy disks worth of information to be stored in equally partitioned sections on a removable USB stick.

Each kit contains a conversion unit, a USB stick preloaded with the necessary software, mounting screws and a user manual. The conversion unit is the exact same size as the original floppy drive which allows for seamless transition without the need to cut out any part of your machine. The easy to follow user’s guide helps guide the transition step by step. First, it explains physically removing and replacing the drive. Next, it gives a walkthrough for installing the software. Finally, it details how to set up the USB stick and load programs back and forth between your machine and computer. This all comes standard for just over $100!

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