Convert hundreds of aged floppy disks that contain your machine’s drive technology to a single USB source and retrofit your CNC machine to accept USB technology inputs!

Floppy disks have become a relic of the past, yet hold the information you need to keep your CNC machine running.  Eliminate dependence on aged floppy disk drive technology by transferring your CNC machine’s data to a single USB source. 

The ICAR Team has developed Floppy Drive to USB retrofit units which give users the ability to convert 100’s of their legacy Floppy Disks and save them to a single USB memory stick. 
With the ability to handle MS-DOS and OSP Format, the Floppy Converter is capable of transferring CNC Control data from big name manufacturers like Okuma, Haas, and MitsubishiThe ICAR Team also has CNC Control data for several Okuma drives, including:

Benefits of the USB Retrofit include:
  • Seamless ability to transfer Floppy to USB
  • Same size and interface as floppy drive unit, making it easy to install
  • Connects through floppy drive interface with no need to modify system settings
  • 1.44MB/720 Kb built-in flash memory used for conversion of file system between USB stick drive and format of floppy disk makes the transfer of your files quick and secure
  • Included software allows all folders to be accessed right from your PC
The Floppy Converter:

Floppy to USB Converter

The Floppy Converter is the same size as your current floppy drive, making installation simple.

Floppy Converter Retrofit
Sample installations of Floppy Converter Retrofit
The USB Retrofit Package includes:
  • Floppy to USB Conversion Unit
  • USB 2.0 Memory Stick
  • Mounting Screws
  • User Manual with Installation Instruction

Stop worrying about storing floppy disks and losing the data you need to keep your CNC machine running.  Convert your Floppy files to USB and have immediate access to hundreds of CNC Controls and machine files all in one place.  Replace your floppy drive with the ICAR Team’s Floppy Converter today.

To receive additional information about the USB Drive Retrofit, call Precision Zone at (847) 465-9060 or email

ABOUT THE ICAR TEAM The ICAR Team is a leading North American service provider for a wide variety of industrial electrical controls, equipment, and applications.  Focused on manufacturing, repair, and technical support, the ICAR team services and repairs a wide offering of Brands and leaders in the industrial electronic space.  With expertise in service product lines from OEM’s such as Yaskawa, Okuma, Allen-Bradley, Saftronics, Reliance, and Baldor, the ICAR Team is committed to providing the highest quality experience to its partners and customers. 



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