Siemens - Motors-AC Spindle 1PH7137-2ND02-0CA3


Manufacturer: Siemens

Product number: 1PH7137-2ND02-0CA3

Description: 1PH7137-2ND02-0CA3 is an Motors-AC Spindle manufactured by Siemens

Motor Type: Induction motor

Size: 137

Separately-driven fan, 3-ph. 400 V AC/50 Hz or 3-ph. 480 V AC/60 Hz: with separately-driven fan, PG cable entry

Encoder system: with optical sin/cos incremental encoder

Rated speed: 1000 rpm

Terminal box arrangement/cable outlet direction: top/right

Type of construction: IM B5 (IM V1, IM V3), standard hoisting concept (shaft heights 100 and 132)

Holding brake with emergency-stop function: No brake

Bearing design, vibration severity, shaft and flange accuracy: coupling/belt out-drive, S, R

Shaft version; cooling: Shaft: key and half-key balancing, Air flow direction: DE –xBRRIx NDE, Discharge direction: axial

Degree of protection, Paint finish: IP55, fan IP54, Antracite

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