Yaskawa - Motors-AC Servo USAGED-30A22


Manufacturer: Yaskawa

Product number: USAGED-30A22

Vendor number: USAGED-30A22#

Description: USAGED-30A22 is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Yaskawa

Servomotor Type: US

Series: G Series

Enclosure: Totally-enclosed, Self-cooled Type.

Magnet Type: Ferrite

Motor Output: 3.0kW (4.0HP)

Design Revision Order: A

With Encoder: 8192 P/R Incremental

Shaft Type: Straight

Drive End Specification: Standard (blank)

Opposite Drive End Specification: Standard (blank)

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Refurbished: $2,637.96
Repair: $1,187.08
Exchange: $2,004.85
Yaskawa YaskawaMotors-AC ServoUSAGED-30A22 USAGED-30A22 USAGED-30A22 USAGED-30A22 Yaskawa Motors-AC Servo Purpose To purchase or repair contact Precision Zone at or (847) 465-9060
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Yaskawa USAGED-30A22 image USAGED-30A22 is an
Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Yaskawa
Discovered issues: Bad Coil Insulation - Due to Coolant/Moisture Contamination, Bad Condition - Requires Reconditioning, Bad DE Bearing, Bad Encoder, Bad ODE Bearing, Worn ODE Housing

Repaired on: 7/21/2016