Siemens - Motors-AC Servo 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2


Manufacturer: Siemens

Product number: 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2

Description: 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Siemens

Motor Type 1: Electric motor

Motor Type 2: Synchronous motor

Motor Type 3: AC Servo Motor

Series: 6

Frame Size: 04

Length: 4

Number of poles: 4

Cooling method: Natural cooling

Rated speed: 6000 rpm

Dc link voltage: 600V

Type of construction: IM B5 (standard)

Connector outlet direction: axial NDE

Encoder system: Sin/cos incremental encoder 1 Vpp (without DRIVE-CLiQ interface)

Shaft end: Plain shaft (radial eccentricity - N, without holding brake)

Vibration severity grade and Degree of protection: N, IP67

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Siemens SiemensMotors-AC Servo1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 Siemens Motors-AC Servo Purpose To purchase or repair contact Precision Zone at repair@precisionzone.com or (847) 465-9060
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Siemens 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 image 1FT6044-4AK71-3AG2 is an
Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Siemens
Discovered issues: Bad Feed Back Connector

Repaired on: 1/31/2014