Siemens - Motors-AC Servo 1FK6032-6AK71-1SA2


Manufacturer: Siemens

Product number: 1FK6032-6AK71-1SA2

Description: 1FK6032-6AK71-1SA2 is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Siemens

Product Series: AC Servo Motor

Frame size: Frame Size

Length: Length

Pole No.: Pole No.

Non-ventilated: Non-ventilated

Rated Speed: 6000 RPM

DC Link voltage: 600 V

Type of construction: IM B5

Termination type: Power connector connection+bracket for signal connection

Encoder system: Resolver Multi-pole (encoder pole number corresponds to that of the motor)

Shaft end/radial eccentricity and holding brake: Shaft end: with keyway Radial eccentricity: N Holding brake: without

Degree of protection: IP 65 and additional DE flange IP67

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