Mitsubishi - Motors-AC Servo HA83CB-S


Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Product number: HA83CB-S

Vendor number: B0453

Description: HA83CB-S is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Mitsubishi

Motor Series: HA

Motor Power Class: 1.0kW N-Type (3000 r/min)

Motor Type: Conventional motor

Main Circuit Specification: Main circuit cannon connector type

Electromagnetic Brake Specification: With electromagnetic brake

Shaft Specification: Straight shaft; Tapered shaft (HA40, 43, 80, 83 only)(no symbol)

Shaft End Specification: Shaft end with oil seal

Option 1: Other

Option 2: IP54

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Mitsubishi HA83CB-S image HA83CB-S is an
Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Mitsubishi
Discovered issues: Bad Coil Resistance, Bad Condition - Requires Reconditioning, Bad DE Bearing, Bad Encoder Bearings, Bad ODE Bearing, Worn Brake Needs Reconditioning

Repaired on: 10/24/2017