INDRAMAT - Motors-AC Servo MKD025B-144-KG1-KN


Manufacturer: INDRAMAT

Product number: MKD025B-144-KG1-KN

Description: MKD025B-144-KG1-KN is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by INDRAMAT

Product Group: MKD series AC Servo motor

Motor Frame Size: Flange size-54mm; Centering diameter-40mm

Motor Frame Length: size 025-0.9Nm; size 041-2.7Nm; size 071-8.0Nm; size 090-12.0Nm; size 112-28.0Nm

Winding Code: 144

Motor feedback: Resolver feedback with integrated multiturn absolute encoder

Driven shaft: Plain shaft with sealing ring

Holding brake: with brake 24 VDC

Output direction of power connection: Terminal box to the back

Housing design: Standard

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INDRAMAT MKD025B-144-KG1-KN image MKD025B-144-KG1-KN is an
Motors-AC Servo manufactured by INDRAMAT
Discovered issues: Bad DE Bearing, Bad ODE Bearing, Recommend Refurbishing/Reconditioning

Repaired on: 1/18/2018