Allen-Bradley - Motors-AC Servo 1326AB-B430E-21


Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley

Product number: 1326AB-B430E-21

Description: 1326AB-B430E-21 is an Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Allen-Bradley

Bulletin number: 1326

Type: ferrite AC Servomotor

Voltage: 460/380V

Frame Diameter: 108 mm

Motor Length: 30

Rated Speed 460V: E

Mounting and Shaft Description: IEC Metric Flange with keyway

Feedbacks: resolver-based feedback

Standard Options: None

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Allen-Bradley Allen-BradleyMotors-AC Servo1326AB-B430E-21 1326AB-B430E-21 1326AB-B430E-21 1326AB-B430E-21 Allen-Bradley Motors-AC Servo Purpose To purchase or repair contact Precision Zone at repair@precisionzone.com or (847) 465-9060
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Allen-Bradley 1326AB-B430E-21 image 1326AB-B430E-21 is an
Motors-AC Servo manufactured by Allen-Bradley
Discovered issues: Bad Condition - Requires Reconditioning, Bad DE Bearing, Bad ODE Bearing

Repaired on: 7/7/2016