There are 2 different methods to reset an A.00 or A.81 alarm on a Yaskawa Sigma I Servo Drive. Today, we are going to go over the second method for clearing these two alarms if the first method was unsuccessful for you. In case you have not seen our tutorial on how to clear these Yaskawa Servo Drive Alarms, check out our video {HERE}

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Troubleshooting AC Servo Motors

Today, we are going to show you how to troubleshoot your AC Servo Motor. Two of the most common faults that people receive on their motor is overcurrent faults and ground faults. Below, we explain to you 3 simple steps to static checking both of these faults. We have also included a video at the end to help see exactly what to do. Read More

Often times, we receive customer control racks in for repair that get further damaged in shipping. We hope to bring to light some of the common issues we see regarding control rack problems and how to prevent these issues from occurring by taking some precautionary measures before removing and shipping.Read More

In this month's technician's tip, we go over alarm codes on the Magnetek Crane Inverter Drive P3 Series 2. Rob will walk us through common alarm codes and failures on this drive, their cause, and tips on how to resolve them. Read More