Over time, bearing housings on a motor can wear down and cause extra friction with the bearings. As this gets worse, it allows extra play for the bearings where there normally should not be any free space.

Once this occurs, that extra play in the rotation of the bearing can lead to some major issues. One of the common issues that we see rise from this is extra current load, which can lead to insulation damage on the motor or even drive damage with the output sections. Read More

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CNC machines, over years of use, can gradually wear down and lead to bad parts being manufactured. The ballbar test, when appropriately set up, carefully monitors the location of sensors on the ballbar within a created XY plane. Once it has been set up, executing a circular interpolation allows the device to accurately record how smooth or rough the actual circle being ‘cut’ is. Comparing this to an imaginary ‘perfect’ circle, one can visually notice quite a few potential defects on the machine. Read More

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The advent of the floppy disk was incredible. To be able to transfer data between computers and machines on a small square disk allowed for files to be shared without internet access. Fast forward to 2018 and there are very few places where you can find floppy disks. Even computers have eliminated the floppy drives, instead opting to go with the more efficient and spacious USB removable memory options. Read More

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MIV Series Spindle Drive

Overview of Series:

This month, we dive deeper into one of the AC spindle series we often work on that’s offered by Okuma – the MIV inverter spindle series. A configuration example for this series can be found below. This series offers a few different capacity variations, ranging anywhere from 1.0kW and going upwards of 45kW. A DC power supply is required, as shown below, to supply the MIV spindle unit with appropriate 300VDC and the 24VDC used for control. Read More